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About Cav Core Fitness

Working alongside our trainers, we make fitness goals more achievable and the journey worthwhile so this ‘fitness fever’ can spread amongst the masses. We provide our members with so much more than just a place to exercise or equipment. To help both amateurs and professionals achieve their desired shape, our experts guide and assist them with practical workout routines, targeted exercises and nutrition, and provide personalized diet plans.

Our team of expert personal trainers knows how to get out desired results from different body types, and they are always available on-site to help out! Our Motto is remembering that it doesn’t get easier you get stronger!!!

Our Services

Strength & Conditioning

Nutritional Coaching

Build Up Your Core Strength

Improve Metabolism

Develop a Good Posture

Fight Osteoporosis

An Uncertified Trainer Will Not Only Hinder You From Attaining Your Dream Fitness Goals, But In Extreme Cases Could Actually Increase Your Risk For Severe Injuries!

Your Body Is A Gift! So, Take Care Of This Gift By Training The Right Way. With The Cav Core Fitness Plan, Our Certified Trainers Will Help You Develop A Fitness Plan That Is Right For Your Specific Body Type And Will Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals In The Least Amount Of Time!

Workout Experts That You Can Trust With Your Muscle And Money!

Customized Plan

At Cav Core Fitness, we develop calculated and innovative custom workout plans that will help you achieve the body of your dreams and also bring about balance and harmony in your daily life.

Daily Accountability

Working out can be a real challenge, especially when you lack motivation! That’s why our experienced instructors will help you break your plan into realistic, achievable goals that you can more easily accomplish. They will help you stay committed to your fitness journey and hold you accountable for all the progress that you will be making.

Guaranteed Results

Achieving a healthy, balanced lifestyle and a lean, muscular body, at a pocket-friendly price was once just a fantasy… until Cav Core Fitness entered the market! Over the years we have helped thousands of individuals reach their fitness goals and attain their dream physique. And we are sure we can help you attain a beautiful body with a reasonable budget too!

Like many individuals out there, maybe you’re sick and tired of your unfit body and unhealthy lifestyle. Maybe you’re frustrated of not being able to run with your kids; or of running out of breath after walking up a single flight of stairs.

More than likely, inactivity and a bad diet are the root causes behind your health problems and both are easily fixed.

Let Us Ease Your Fitness Worries By Taking Care Of Your Body’s Needs!

Top-notch Customized Workouts

Certified Trainers

Years of Training Excellence

Let's Begin In 3 Easy Steps!

1. Schedule Your Free Breakthrough Call

Fill out our sign up form or call us at: (313) 468–3420 to schedule a free breakthrough call.

2. Confirming Your Transformation Goals

Once one of our transformation specialists sees that you are a good fit, we will begin your training right away.

3. Get In Shape

When following our plan, you will start seeing the beginning of your results in as little as 12 weeks!

Client Reviews

Gabriela Pop


This place will sculpt not only your body, but your mind and ways of thinking as well! I can’t stress enough about the huge positive impact Cav Core has had on me! Not to mention I have found some of the most amazing people with whom I’ve been growing into such a better version of myself! I LOVE Cav Core and the strong sense of community it offers

Stephanie Sweeney Commons


This is the place to go for support and hardwork. The atmosphere is amazing and the trainers are so knowledgeable! Best gym in Novi!

Kevin McGarry


This place is just awesome! Their equipment, trainers, and programs are top notch and what’s best is that they really do want you to get healthier and reach towards your goals. Can’t say enough positive things about Cav Core Fitness!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We devise a nutrition plan tailored to your body type. 

Yes! We develop custom workout plans for every individual according to their fitness needs.

Definitely! Call us at (313) 468-3420 and talk to one of our certified fitness instructors to learn more about our one-on-one training plans.

We will first determine your body type and nutritional needs through some basic tests. Based on the results, we will devise your custom nutrition plan. We will further explain this process during your free trial classes. 

Enjoy Your Fit New Body And Healthy, Balanced Lifestyle That Keeps You Feeling Great And Leaves A Terrific Impression On Your Friends, Family & Colleagues!

Let Us Be Your Life Changer. Are You Ready To Get Fit?

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