4 Blunders To Avoid This Muscle Bulking Season

4 Blunders To Avoid This Muscle Bulking Season

It’s that time of the year again! Many people are gearing up to hit the gym and bulk up to make the best of the winter. But with this phase of training come a lot of mistakes – some more avoidable than others. In this blog post, we’re going to list down five blunders you should avoid making during this muscle building season.

1) Not Getting Adequate Rest 

Don’t push yourself too hard – you should rest and get a good night’s sleep for at least eight hours daily. Your body needs time to recover to build on the previous session’s performance.

This is necessary for not only maintaining muscle mass, but also to gain new muscles! Without proper rest, all of your hard work in the gym will go down the drain because your body won’t have enough energy left over to build up those hard muscles you’re aiming for this season! You may want to get help from a professional company like CAV Core Fitness to guide you on getting the maximum benefits from your workout routine.

2) Eating Less than What’s Needed

When bulking up, you need to make sure that your caloric intake is sufficient. You might be tempted into thinking that eating less will help you lose some weight or body fat, but this defeats the purpose of gaining muscles and strength! Your main goal should always remain building muscle mass and not losing weight! This means you can’t start cutting down on calories just because it’s a season dedicated to fitness – instead, adjust your workout routine to allow for more effective calorie burning. 

3) Not Doing Cardio, or Overdoing It

Cardio is an essential part of any workout routine. If you are bulking up, it’s even more crucial to include cardio in your everyday activities to burn excess calories and boost metabolism. Overdoing this would be counterproductive, though, as it might end up burning muscle mass instead! Remember that moderate activity will do the trick – aim for 40 minutes every day at least five days per week if possible! 

4) Not Eating Before a Workout 

If you’re going to build muscles, remember that it is a process of trial and error. You will have to find what formula works for your body by yourself so keep an open mind. Many athletes swear by not eating before bulk-up training, which allows them to work harder during the workout session! In any case, make sure you eat something before hitting the gym – don’t stuff yourself, or else there’s no way you’ll be able to train effectively! 

Consulting qualified fitness experts in Farmington, MI, can help you gain better insight into adding muscles this bulking season. CAV Core Fitness gives you the opportunity to get in shape before it is too late. Our customized workout plan and special fitness programs will help you address your weight concerns to get back into action. Schedule your free consultation now!