4 Warm-Up Exercises Before You Hit Your Morning Run

4 Warm-Up Exercises Before You Hit Your Morning Run

Warming up is quite the necessity for runners, but many neglect to do it before their run. This can lead to various injuries because they’re not prepared and warmed up enough. Without a warm up, the body can be pushed into sudden overdrive. While this mostly has long-term negative effects that are not immediately noticeable, ankle sprains and leg injuries can occur on the spot.

Warm-up routines should start with light activities. These include walking or jogging, then some other exercises that are slightly more intense. You can jump rope! Doesn’t get any easier.

Here are some warm-up exercises by Cav Core Fitness serving Novi, MI, that you should do before hitting your morning run.

High Knees to Heel Kicks

High Knees to Heel Kicks are a great warm-up for your legs. This technique will help activate the muscles in your quads, glutes, and hamstrings as you alternate between the muscles targeted. All stretches need to be high. Make sure you don’t stretch too high, though, as this could cause muscle strain and cramps. Work on one leg for 45 – 60 seconds, then move on to the other leg.

Squats with Hips Rotation

Squats with hips rotation can help you fire up the glutes and open up your hip joints. Stand in front of an exercise ball. Make sure you are comfortable with yours – opt for an adjustable one to make room for creativity. Place your foot on the ball, then do a squat. Then repeat the motion with the other foot. The purpose of the exercise is to perform squats while also working the muscles in your lower back and hips. You can come up with motions of your own, too.

Pendulum Lunges with Side Bends and Balance

This exercise is a great way to strengthen your leg muscles while improving balance and daily chores.

It is pretty simple. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Make sure your hands point towards each side in front. Create a goalpost shape, if you will. Then, move ahead and sit on your right knee first and stand up after a second. Repeat the motion with the other knee, too. Make sure your core is engaged, and you are pushing yourself down and up quickly. Your back needs to be a 90° erect.

Knee Drives and Plank Variations

Knee Drives and Plank Variations are what we call “triple threat” in fitness lingo. This exercise functions as an excellent warm-up for your core. You get to work on hip mobility. Some would argue this isn’t really a warm-up exercise. But those who do not have time to hit the jump can make their day productive with Knee Drives and Plank Variations.

Start in a high plank with feet about shoulder distance apart, keeping your abdominal muscles engaged. Bend one knee towards your elbow or chest. Then repeat the motion with the other knee and elbow. Be quick when shifting from left to right and back. 45 seconds are enough for the entire exercise.

We hope these warm-up exercises help you out before your morning run. Liked what you just read? Want to get fit? Looking for a way out of your mundane routine with some body-empowering workouts? Look no further than Cav Core Fitness.