5 Reasons You Need A Catchy Beat To Amp Up Your Workout

5 Reasons You Need A Catchy Beat To Amp Up Your Workout

Music can help you stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals during a home workout or at the gym. Many people turn to music when they need some extra motivation, but did you know how effective it could be? Studies have shown playing catchy beats during workouts increases our energy levels; we work out longer than usual this way. 

Many people have a playlist on their Spotify or other music apps. Are you into fitness but do not yet have a tracklist? Cav Core Fitness, serving FarmingtonMI, presents you with 5 reasons you need a catchy beat to amp up your workout.

Music Energizes You Sending Signals To Your Brain

You can’t outrun your excuses, but you don’t have to let them stop you. Music helps you go on when starting something new or finishing something old. A recent study found that listening to music can help get people moving who are hesitant. The researchers associated the loud songs and motivational lyrics that the participants heard with strength-filled action. 

Workouts Become Easier and More Natural

With music, make the most of your workout without putting in more effort. This can be especially true for biking or running, where you want music that will motivate and inspire. One study found listeners pedaled faster with upbeat tunes than slower ones; no differences were noted between faster-paced songs. Researchers speculate this could be due to fewer “physical elements” associated with these slow rhythms,

Improve Your Cadence; Avoid Injuries

Music is great for more than just mood. With the right music at the right tempo, you can maintain and improve your cadence, running and moving faster. It becomes less stressful and even helps avoid injures. A study with 26 recreational runners found that when they ran to tunes between 130-200 BPM, their cadence increased or slowed down in time with 160 – 180. They also had better postural alignment on impact while keeping balance during each step. This reduced undue muscular force being put onto bones, thus helping avoid injury. 

Music Helps You Recover Faster From a Workout

Music is an excellent way to recover from your workout faster. The right kind can help you bring down the heart rate and speed up muscular healing. There was a study with 60 participants who were all given headphones during their post-workout recovery period. Those listening to slow jams had much slower, healthier heart rates. 

And Of Course, It Makes a Workout Much More Enjoyable

Sports is known to be more enjoyable when you’re listening to certain music; it applies to exercise as well. The key here is to listen with intent and disconnect from negative feelings or emotions. Not only will you enjoy your session much better, but you will also feel mentally healthy.

What are you waiting for, then? Transform that miserable working and get a grip on your gym-time slogging, speed up your recovery, and enjoy a newer experience with your favorite tunes during your workouts. Cav Core Fitness offers group training, an open gym, a Barbell club, nutritional coaching, and so much more. If you’re in Northville, Fitness Novi, or FarmingtonMI, join our 28 day challenge.