5 Ways Overtraining Is Killing Your Gains, Personality & Body

5 Ways Overtraining Is Killing Your Gains, Personality & Body

Plateauing is a condition during strength training where your body stops developing stamina as it has become used to a habitual training routine. To escape this pitfall, amateurs start overtraining and push their bodies to the limit in the hopes of muscle gain. This has drastic effects on individuals and their aspirations in life.

Overtraining puts your bodily functions in overdrive and disrupts your hormones with possible damage to internal organ systems that go undiagnosed since the individual seems ‘fit’. The adverse effects of overtraining can break down a person psychologically as well.

It is crucial to understand how logging hour after hour at the gym with heavier weights is no longer doing you any favors.

1. Sore Muscles

In a typical gym routine, muscle soreness lasts a day or two. But if you’re a regular health nut and your muscle soreness runs past the 72-hour mark, you need a break. Extended soreness is a sign of exertion and slow muscle recovery. If your BCAA protein shake also fails to help, then your exertion might have gone critical. Please, just take a break.

2. Insomnia

Rocked your routine at the gym and still can’t sleep at night? It’s because you overtrained so hard, your nervous & hormonal systems are beginning to act up. Take a break, and schedule a health checkup with our nutrition & training experts.

3. Mood Swings

Exertion can interfere with your nervous responses and trigger a shift in personality & concentration. Don’t train so much that it becomes a psychologically painful condition where you need to be better constantly. Address your body image issues with a therapist or our esteemed trainers to actualize your motives for training. That way, you can focus on your gains the healthy way.

4. Weakened Immunity

Six pack abs, but still look like you came out of a morgue? Get past the vanity, and don’t take your frequent brushes with flu too lightly. The continual catabolic state that overtraining puts your body into is also responsible for reduced immunity. Consult a physician for supplementary nutrition, and then join heads with our trainers to address your overtraining issue.

5. Halted Progress

At Cav Core Fitness, we advocate a variance in the types of training for strength building, weight transformation, and bulking/shredding techniques so that your body is making the most of gains with sufficient muscle recovery time. Muscle grows when you allow it to rest after working out; too little rest time and excessive exertion won’t build you any big guns!

Cav Core Fitness is not your typical gym; we offer strength & conditioning training and nutritional coaching. We also boast our very own fitness center & dedicated open gyms across Michigan. We invite you to become a member of our Farmington gym branch. Rest assured; we’ll get your gains back on track through this winter’s bulk training season.

If you’re looking for a breakthrough in your overtraining fears, get in touch with us!