5 Ways You Can Remain Fit In Covid-19 Quarantine Time

5 Ways You Can Remain Fit In Covid-19 Quarantine Time

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us on more fronts than one – our economy has gone down, a sizable chunk of the global population is affected by the deadly virus, and lockdowns are going on and off.

Due to these restrictions, people are unable to go to the gym. However, this is no excuse not to look after your body, especially for those whose careers are dependent on their physical appearance and stamina. Besides, even if not, every individual should live a smart, active, and healthy life.

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Giving up your body to junk foods and unhealthy meals during quarantine will not only make it harder for you to get back in shape but also seize the opportunity to maintain a healthy living. Therefore, regular exercise and workouts in these crucial times can keep you fit and maintain your diet and smartness for the years to come. Here’s how you can do it.

1. Plan And Prepare Healthy Meals

Being stuck at home has one benefit – you will now finally be able to find the time to do meal prep. If you live alone and have a demanding job, eating healthy might be a constant challenge for you because nutritional food services are expensive, and cooking at home requires time. But thanks to the lockdown, you can save money on takeout and prepare high nutrition food yourself to support the workout.

At Cav Core Fitness, we provide our members with nutrition guidance and devise a diet plan that suits their taste buds and keeps them healthy.

2. Try A Fitness Challenge

If your preferred workout only depends on gym equipment, then instead of sulking over, see this as an opportunity to try out a fitness challenge. However, before you jump into anything, be sure to consult your personal trainer and do your research to avoid any consequences.

3. Download A Fitness App

Most fitness freaks already have a good fitness app, but if you do not, it is high time to do so. You can choose any one of hundreds of fitness apps that best suit your needs. While most of them are free, try buying a premium account to enjoy the app’s exclusive features to the fullest.

A fitness app will be like your workout partner, personal trainer, personal assistant, and health specialist all in one. It will act as a support system to your fitness regime by suggesting appropriate diet plans, keeping your nutrition count (the number of calories, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, etc.), monitoring your water intake, and recording your daily exercise. Moreover, the app will give you relevant reminders and make appropriate suggestions to keep you healthy and help you achieve your fitness goal.

4. Opt For Bodyweight And Resistance Band Workout

Not all fitness freaks can buy gym equipment as it is expensive and space at home is limited. Therefore, you should consider alternate solutions. Here, weights and resistance bands are both cheaper and easy to store, so order what is required and get on the journey of keeping yourself smart and healthy.

5. Integrate Jogging And Running Into Your Routine

While it is best to stay indoors during such times, it is not always feasible. You can do stretches and skip at home, but most people do not have a yard big enough to jog or power walk in.

So, ensure wearing a mask and gloves before going out for a run. Also, pick a time when there are fewer people outside, like in the early hours of the morning. Always come home and sanitize first. Take all necessary precautions when going out to stretch your limbs to avoid contacting coronavirus. 

Aside from the five ways mentioned above to stay fit during COVID-19, you should also monitor your water consumption, get enough sleep, and meditate, so your body is healthy.

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