About Us


Cav Core Fitness

Cav Core Fitness offers a range of fitness and wellness services to people who want to lead a healthy life. Being health and fitness enthusiasts ourselves, we want to help our clients successfully reach their fitness goals. We want to contribute to society by promoting better mental and physical health through our unique approach to fitness.  

Our team combines physical fitness with social interactions to encourage sociability and shape attractive personalities by body sculpting and boosting confidence. Healthy people are happier and more successful in all walks of life. Better energy levels, immune systems, and other factors help people perform better in their professional and personal lives. 


Build Up Your Core Strength


Improve Metabolism


Develop a Good Posture


Fight Osteoporosis

Working alongside our trainers, we make fitness goals more achievable and the journey worthwhile so this ‘fitness fever’ can spread amongst the masses. We provide our members with so much more than just a place to exercise or equipment. To help both amateurs and professionals achieve their desired shape, our experts guide and assist them with practical workout routinestargeted exercises and nutrition, and provide personalized diet plans. 

Our team of expert personal trainers knows how to get out desired results from different body types, and they are always available on-site to help out!