Alcohol And Your Wellness Goals


Should you drink alcohol while on a plan? 🍻⁣ 

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I’m not saying you can never drink, but you should also be aware of how it can affect your wellness goals.⁣ 

Here are some things to consider about alcohol consumption:⁣ 

🌭 🍕Often leads to poor choices:⁣ 

Alcohol stimulates the part of your brain that controls hunger and thirst cues, so it can make you feel hungry. ⁣ 

You’re probably not likely to reach for a plate of veggies during your drunken munchies.🍟⁣ 

🚨Alcohol is full of empty calories:⁣ 

A drink can run you between 100 and 300 calories a pop, and that can  add up very quickly.📈⁣ 

You could be using using those calories to get nutrients from food.⁣ 

😓Put’s stress on your liver:⁣ 

We all know that alcohol isn’t great for your liver. ⁣ 

The alcohol in your blood has to be processed by your liver.⁣ 

Each time your liver processes alcohol, some of your liver cells die, and it takes time for them to regenerate. ⁣ 

😴Can negatively impact sleep:⁣ 

Alcohol may make you sleepy, but it affects the quality of your sleep.⁣ 

Alcohol has also been shown to make sleeping disorders like insomnia worse.  ⁣ 

Studies have also shown that you’re less able to focus on daily tasks after a night of drinking.⁣ 

🏋️‍♂️Can impair workout recovery:⁣ 

Drinking dampens the hormones that are important for muscle repair and recovery. It also impairs your body’s ability to rehydrate your muscles during the repair process. ⁣ 

All in all, life is about everything in moderation but we should be aware about the impact of our choices. Here’s to continued health and wellness!🥂⁣ 

Do you think about how alcohol affects your progress? Let me know down below👇⁣ 

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