Barbell Club

In the Barbell Club, members are instructed to participate in modern and unique workouts, and combination sets devised around using the available exercise equipment. Our exercise techniques are a combination of weight training, weightlifting, powerlifting, and bodybuilding, depending on what the members are seeking. We also develop a fitness regimen and workout routine tailored to your personal health requirements to help you achieve your desired results in realistic time frames. 

Our goal is to get everyone in shape, help them build muscle, and improve their strength and endurance. Our trainers are available to assist you during workouts to help you master the assigned exercises while ensuring your safety. 

We prepare members for lifting more and more weight on their barbells until they reach a safe yet suitable limit. The biggest mistake rookies make while using weights involves not knowing their limits. Either they lift too much weight the first day and end up missing their workout for the next couple of days due to soreness, or they stick to minimum weights that do nothing for their body. And this is where our Barbell Club comes in!