Evening Routine


We’ll all heard of morning routines, but what your evenings?⁣ 

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We often emphasize the importance of setting yourself up for success by optimizing your morning routine. But your evenings can be just as important to tap into.⁣ 

Consider adding these elements to your evening routine:⁣ 

 🌙Eat a nutritious dinner: ⁣ 

A healthy nourishing meal in the evening is important to maintain digestive health. ⁣ 

 🌙Don’t leave dishes till the morning:⁣ 

Everyone hates chores, I know.  But waking up to a clean environment is better for your mindset when you start your day.⁣ 

 🌙Light reading for 30 minutes:⁣ 

Reading a book is a great way to unwind and start getting yourself into bedtime mode. Some of the most successful people emphasize the importance of reading in their lives.⁣ 

 🌙Visualize tomorrow:⁣ 

Take time to think about what you have coming up the next day. It may be useful to write this down so you don’t lose sleep worrying about it.⁣ 

 🌙Avoid screens an  hour before bed:⁣ 

The blue light from screens disrupts our sleep hormones. The constant information and notifications from our devices also don’t allow us to get into a restful state of mind.⁣ 

 🌙Lay out workout clothes/equipment:⁣ 

 Make it as easy as possible for you to do your morning workout. If you do this, you can just roll out of bed and get to it.⁣ 

 🌙Set alarms for the morning:⁣ 

This is useful to maintain a consistent amount of sleep and to make sure you can get up in time for all your responsibilities!⁣ 

What are your essential evening habits? Let me know in the comments.👇⁣ 

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