Got Bad Knees? Here Are 4 Ways To Train On Leg Day Without Cracking The Caps

Got Bad Knees? Here Are 4 Ways To Train On Leg Day Without Cracking The Caps

Every leg day starts with a leg workout. Some people use leg workouts to build more muscle, while others lose fat and get stronger. Regardless of the reason why you do leg days, there are some things that you need to know before starting your next leg workout if you have bad knees.

If you have bad knees, leg day can be challenging. You may need to do different exercises than the leg press machine at the gym, or you might not even feel like walking on leg day. But don’t worry! We’re here to help.

Let’s talk about how to train on leg day without cracking your kneecaps!


First, you need to ensure that you are properly warmed up for your leg day session. Make sure to roll out the leg muscles with a foam roller or lacrosse ball. This will help loosen up those muscles and get you ready for your session. Or, do a dozen wall push-ups and then calf raises. Warming up will help you lower the risk of a leg injury.

1) Elliptical Trainer

Using an elliptical trainer for leg days when you have bad knees is a great way to get in the cardio workout while still working your leg muscles. This will help keep you moving and not stop due to pain or other issues that could arise with leg day training. You can set up the resistance levels of this machine for higher intensity based on your leg strength.

2) Cycling

Cycling is an excellent alternative to running or leg day at the gym. It will assist in keeping your leg muscles warm and loose while still getting some cardio into your workout for that leg day training. The best part is that you won’t have any impact on those bad knees, making this a healthy choice for anyone with knee problems.

Cycling can be done at any gym with a stationary cycle machine, or you can use one at home. Remember to set the resistance levels so they are challenging for your leg strength level but not so high where there will be too much impact on your knees.

3) Leg Press

The leg press machine is another great leg exercise that can be done without impacting the leg joints. This leg machine will allow you to go through a complete range of motion, which will help strengthen your leg muscles and keep good blood circulation going throughout the lower body.

4) Leg Extension

Leg extensions are another excellent leg exercise that can be done without too much impact on knee joints. This one is performed using a seated leg extension machine with weights attached to your ankles. Since leg extensions are performed using a seated leg extension machine, there is no risk of the weight being dropped on you. This leg exercise will help strengthen your quadriceps muscles in the front part of your legs and hamstrings located at the back of your leg.

By incorporating these helpful exercises into your routine, you can continue to focus on what is most important – getting stronger and feeling good! Schedule a free consultation today with one of our fitness experts at Cav Core Fitness in Northville, MI. At Cav Core Fitness, we boast an impressive gym and fitness center and offer various yoga, strength, and conditioning classes. Our experts would love to discuss how they can tailor an exercise program specifically designed for your needs. If there is anything else we can do, please feel free to reach out!