Macros Plate Guide


This is how you should compose your plate 🍽⁣ 

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An easy way to estimate your macros is to compose your plate with this rough guide.⁣ 

The majority (about 40%) of your plate should be fruits and vegetables. These foods are packed with nutrients and fiber that boost health and digestion. 🥦🍅🥑⁣ 

About a quarter of your plate should be healthy proteins. Here’s where you’ll get the building blocks for muscle building, and you’ll feel full for longer.⁣ 

 Another quarter you should dedicate to whole grains and starchy vegetables, which give you energy, fiber, and micronutrients.⁣ 

The last 10 percent of your plate should be healthy fats. These support heart health, brain health, and help keep you satiated.⁣ 

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