Never Envy Thy Neighbor: Understanding Why Your Fitness Routine Is Unique To You!

Never Envy Thy Neighbor: Understanding Why Your Fitness Routine Is Unique To You!

The rant can go on as to why the 30-day squat challenge worked wonders for some but totally flattened the derrieres of others. Maybe it was the diet, perhaps positioning, or just genetics. Every individual is unique in how their bodies can use implements to reach their fitness goals. We’re going to talk about why your workout is tailored to benefit your body type!

  1. The BMI & Scales:

Trainers stress throwing out the bathroom scales and staying away from online BMI calculators when starting a weight-training program, and they’re right. Consult a fitness coach to determine your body type instead. When losing weight or gaining mass to reach a fitness goal, you have to extrapolate from body types similar to yours to design the routine to suit you. The weight gain is hard if you’re an ectomorph, but you get easily toned or cut/shredded. If you are a mesomorph, you are all green for a gain/loss, bulk, shred, body transformation. If you’re an endomorph, you either struggle to lose weight or become a strongman/strongwoman like the old Vikings. Strength comes uniquely in all weights and BMIs!

2. Following Fad Diets & Hacks:

Some swear by Keto diets, some by sausage and hot dog buns, and there are God-Knows-What diets with a side of grass! Our point is, food benefits individuals separately, so never start a diet without consulting a nutritionist. Don’t even exchange protein smoothies or salads until you know what’s in it that’s suiting the other person but may harm you. It’s not about what smoothie Gwyneth Paltrow drinks or which protein Scott Adkins chugs; it’s about what your body reacts to best. You’re the boss of this fitness goal story, so better act like it!

3. CrossFit or Calisthenics?

It’s up to you to choose between patience or damaged joints. CrossFit is a recent commercialized package of routines that demands high endurance and training. It’s like HIIT on stimulants. Calisthenics is what good old Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jane Fonda approved in their glory days. We don’t say CrossFit is wrong, but it tends to harm joints, so if your celebrity crush is exceptionally good at CrossFit on TV, it may be short-lived, shut that off and get honest with the CAV Fitness crew. Don’t get us wrong, compound calisthenics works excellent for cardio, endurance, and weight training, but isolations are specific to individuals. Owning commitment to your routine is what matters!

4. Understanding Plateaus:

Some barely bench-press and get ripped; some take that as a challenge and spend hours but hardly develop any pectorals or triceps, for that matter. The body needs time to recover after muscle stress and settle into the fat-burning; overdoing it starts to burn your muscle instead, and the muscular growth stops no matter how many reps you do or how heavy you lift. That’s why in weight training, exercise intensity, weights, sets, and reps need to be calculated to allow a body to adapt and grow at its own pace; otherwise, the routine stops benefiting you. The best way to recover is to take a month-long break from the gym and start again but gradually.

5. Diagnosed Medical Conditions:

If you’re diabetic, anemic, have osteoporosis, or suffered a rotator cuff or herniated disc injury, etc., that may affect the exercises you can do and how far you can endure. Don’t risk trying other’s routines because they helped ‘cure’ a similar ailment. Your routine has to be unique in bettering the quality of your life and body. Always consult a general physician, a physiotherapist, and your fitness trainer with any goals or routine you develop, for your safety.

At Cav Core Fitness, when we talk about fitness programs, we care for every member that walks in and tries their first stretch to their first lift. We want to make fitness a positive and no-envy experience for everyone; unique! We’re here in Farmington, MI, and if our commitment sways you to our training services, then call us for a free consultation!