Nutrition Breakdown


Are you clued up on nutrition? 

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It’s important to understand nutrition and what it does to your body.⠀⁣ 

1️⃣ Calories⠀⁣ 

50% of nutrition is calories, these are units of measurement for energy. This is the energy you get from what you eat and the energy you spend on training. These should reflect your goals.⠀⁣ 

2️⃣ Macronutrients⠀⁣ 

Macronutrients should be 20% of your concern and are the food groups that we have to consume in order for our bodies to function. We have to have carbs, protein , and fats. You should figure out the right ratios of carbs, protein and fats you need to meet your goals.⁣ 

3️⃣ Supplements⠀⁣ 

15% of a nutrition plan should focus on supplementation. Sometimes we are not always able to give our bodies all the vitamins and nutrients it needs. This is especially true for when you are training as your body may need certain nutrients faster than you can replace them. ⠀⁣ 

4️⃣ Food Composition⠀⁣ 

Food composition constitutes 10%. Without food composition we wouldn’t know the nutritional value of food. Food composition is vital to planning a meal plan that reflects a healthy and balanced diet.⠀⁣ 

5️⃣ Nutrient timing⠀⁣ 

Knowing when to eat and when not to eat may be beneficial for weight loss, muscle building and can have many other benefits. This makes up 5% of your nutrition. Intermittent fasting is a great example of excellent nutrient timing.⠀⁣ 

Nutrition is about more than just counting calories, it’s about being informed of the best ways to give your body what it needs every day!⠀⁣ 

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