Sculpting An Impression At Your Gym With 8 Effective Exercises

Sculpting An Impression At Your Gym With 8 Effective Exercises

Like an apprehensive teenager on their first day of high school, no one wants to be the odd one out. The fear very much applies to gyms, especially if that place is chock full of fitness trainers & sculpted bodies right out of a magazine. The experience can sometimes be demoralizing for members who have not yet achieved their weight or body shape goals. First-timers always have it rough, but the key is to test whether you can hold out on your own with a couple of basic but core exercises.

Follow our expert tips and watch how the ice breaks around you with these simple exercises to make an impression. It’s best to do them in the order suggested!

  1. Arm Circles: This exercise helps activate the shoulders for the burpees to come. You extend your arms to the sides and draw circles. Do this clockwise and anticlockwise for even number of reps.
  2. Burpees Variation: Move to squat position and drop down to a pushup, get back up, and repeat from the squat. Do not rush the exercise and allow your heart rate to heat up. This is an excellent cardio and core strength-building exercise.
  3. 3-Way Raises: Consult the gym trainer for a pair of dumbbells you can lift without muscle injury. Raise your arms laterally with a dumbbell in each hand to shoulder height, lower them, then raise your arms at 45-degrees to your chest at shoulder height, then lower again. Lastly, raise the arms straight ahead, then lower. This was one rep; try to get ten under your belt.
  4. Chest Expansions: Stand with arms laterally raised, palms facing the floor. Bring your hands together to the front, then go back to the laterally outstretched position. If you can feel a tightening in your upper back, shoulders & chest, you are doing it right.
  5. Lying Back Extensions: Lie on the yoga mat, face down and hands behind your head, and try using your back to lift your torso slightly off the floor, then release. Repeat. Keep your legs anchored. This exercise strengthens your back.
  6. Cross Crunch: In this one, you lie back and cross your right leg on top of the left knee, supporting your head with the left hand. Crunch and bring your left elbow across toward the right knee. Switch sides and repeat. This works the abdominal and oblique muscles.
  7. Basic Squat: Stand with legs out at hip width, feet firm on the ground, and squat as if you’re sitting on a chair, without letting your knees tuck too far inwards or outwards. Extend arms forward to help balance each time you descend into a squat. This works your quads and glutes.
  8. Glute Bridges: Lay back with your legs bent and your feet and arms planted on the floor. Lift your hips, keeping the spine straight & legs steady while keeping your shoulders, arms, and feet grounded. This one works your glutes and lower back.

With these careful moves, you’ll slowly begin winning the hearts of every trainer and member, opening opportunities for you to get more advice on gains.

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